Which spices prevent cancer

Turmeric uses Just some of the cooking time for the food coloring . But when talking about how to prevent cancer, the yellow spices. Curcumin also has strong paliphenola. Prostate cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer is very beneficial. This helps to prevent the spread of leukemia and other diseases.

To prevent the growth of cancer cells, a major component of fennel ayanathola important. Cancer cells have increased manifold block can regulate the enzymatic activities of the components of fennel.SaffronIt is a component of primary prevention of cancer krosetina. It not only helps prevent cancer bistarai, in addition to tumor control can help shape this krosetina Even small.

Cumin helps digestion because maybe after dinner we took a little cumin seed chew. It is a healthy spice. Prostate cancer cells can help prevent the spread jiraya thaimokuinona remain. So not only increase khabaradabarera taste, cumin eat regularly for health reasons.


Cinnamon may help prevent the growth of tumors. Keep away the risk of cancer every day can eat half a teaspoon cinnamon powder. Iron cinnamon natural ingredients to the food and kyalasiyamasamrddha unaltered.

Black pepper

Pepper will eat very carefully. When the amounts of additional severe jhale you can be in trouble. However, one element of this masalaya cancer prevention, which has the potential to prevent the spread of cancer cells and leukemia able to play an important role in combating the spread of tumor cells.


There are a great many medicinal qualities of these spices. Ginger reduce cholesterol, keep the digestive process and better able to suppress cancer cells. Saladeo can eat vegetables, meat and fish as well as vegetables and chop the ginger.

Besides these traditional spices cloves, basil, garlic, caraway, mustard, mint leaves many nutrients needed to prevent cancer.