Which foods help for sound sleep

indexHot milk
Warm milk before going to bed at the Eat to many small mom “forced” to remind the memory of the milk. The first dot-co-dot-uk’s fees, milk tripatophyana name of the amino acid, which helps the body to sleep, per se. A glass of warm milk will bring some kind of a relief to the body.

Sugar foods, our body to sleep to occur, several factors support the live preview of the physical process, which increases the level of amino acids in the body seretaninera. This seretaninake body “feeling good” is the obsession that is caught. But potatoes, pasta and bread as well as high-sugar foods.

Cheese plays usually do not seem to be doing-to better sleep at night. But cheese can increase our body seretaninera level. And it serves to encourage our bodies to sleep. Be careful, however, to eat more than the amount of cheese but is not permitted. Moreover, at least two hours before going to bed to eat cheese. Otherwise, indigestion may occur.