Which food habit should to remove from pain during menstruation

1440739870-100x100Women menstruation is a normal thing in life. At this time, all the girls are more or less abdominal pain. The amount is so much pain during menstruation that is interfering with their normal activities. In addition to the domestic medicine in some way to reduce a lot of pain in the abdomen. Let’s domestic ways.

Drink plenty of water and eat food

Suskatarodhe plenty of fluids and eat the body panijatiya. This occurs when the body of the Panisunyata. The vitamin and mineral-national intake is important during this time. Mineral daily food list. Try to keep vitamin-rich foods.


Drink a glass of milk for breakfast every day. It will meet your body’s calcium needs. If you do not drink you can eat calcium tablets.

Several upakari ginger to prevent menstrual pain. Ginger tea is good this time quite well. Besides, if you want a few pieces of ginger and boiled hot water with honey or sugar can drink it by adding three to four days.

Papaya effective to prevent menstrual pain. Eat raw papaya regular cycle. Raw papaya reduces menstrual pain.

Hot Water Packs
Abdominal pain can foment fresh water. Hot on the bag in hot water can stomach. This will reduce a lot of pain. In addition to the hot water bath. It also reduces pain in your stomach will be some relief.

Lavender Oil
Add a few drops of lavender oil massage abdominal pain during menstruation. 10 in 15 minutes, it will reduce your pain a lot.

Avoid coffee
Avoid foods during the coffee. The caffeine in coffee makes the edge of the arteries. And it raises the uncomfortable feeling in the stomach a lot.

A glass of carrot juice will give you relief from abdominal pain for a long time. During the day, try to drink a glass of carrot juice monthly to.