Which beauty product should not use on face

10447753_551129151696798_7244243228351065520_n-300x200To enhance the beauty of the face, we do not care. Pepper There is no problem if the right way, but do not know if you are using some things on the skin of the face, but then you have to pastatei. So please be aware that things away from your face.

Hair spray
Many feel that the hair with hair spray to hold, if the make-up, make-up, so do not sweat and can have long hair spray in her face, give a little. But this idea is completely wrong. Hair sprete because there is a lekiurasa and alcohol ‘material, which is very bad for the skin.

Hair Color
There are many Shortly after the hair color is changed. So it seems that the hair color that matches the color of the aibro then maybe it would look good. Chemicals that are material to the hair color, but it is very harmful for our facial skin. Do not color the hair, as well as aibro.

Body lotion
Many of us use a body lotion on the skin of our faces. But the body is made for skin lotion, so it is very heavy and very fragrant. So for your facial skin, use a cream is odorless and better.

When it comes down to the shampoo lather shampoo for all but over when there are lots of people think that if the shampoo foam washed away by the foam. But this idea is not totally correct, and this work may be due to dry your skin.

Hair Serum
Many people use hair serum. The hair serum works to keep the hair soft, hair matted hair is tied, the brightness of the hair growth. So, with that hair will be soft on your face, skin-distinguished wrong hair serum. The use of hair in the face of the material and the material used is not somehow never.

Neilapalisera job is to increase the beauty of our nails. But we are many bindi or a small girl child to use a sort of neilapalisa. But neilapalise ingredients that are harmful for the skin of our faces.