Vitamin E increase cancer risk to men

vitamins-011-310x165Researchers say the high levels of selenium in the body based on the men taking selenium supplementation and cancer risk if it can reach toxic levels.

Based on the level of selenium in the body at low levels in men taking vitamin E increases the risk of cancer, though.

But the damaging effects caused by taking extra vitamin E to protect the mineral element that has come out of the study.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, US researchers found these results at the end of the 1-year study.

On Saturday, the Cancer Research Center, said in a press release, which was published oyesaite center.

High doses of vitamin E and selenium protect men from prostate cancer in 001 to check whether the research was undertaken.

The two element 008 to protect from cancer not receiving any of the benefits of this research are to be closed. The next two years the people taking vitamin E had a 17 percent increased risk of prostate cancer among them, the study have been released.

Dr. Alan crystal led the study, based on the level of selenium in the body at higher levels 91 percent higher risk of prostate cancer in men taking selenium supplements.

Low levels of selenium and vitamin E supplementation in the body receive 63 percent and the risk of prostate cancer in men with high levels of cancer risk has increased 111 percent in the study were evaluated.

Members of the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Alan hacinasanera Crystal said, “to take vitamin supplement the food is beneficial or at least harmless. It’s not true. ”

Various studies on vitamin supplementation before being proved wrong after the vitamin E and selenium, has the same results, Allan said.

These two elements of the treatment of prostate cancer study compared 739 men and 117 men to prostate kyansarabihina attraction was chosen as three thousand.

The gist is that taking supplemental vitamin E and selenium research results, there is no benefit. In addition to a significant number of both men was harmful.

Crystal said, “This is the most popular of the two complementary, but not yet good-quality studies of complex diseases not seen the benefits of these two elements.”

The two men immediately advised to stop taking this supplement to medical researchers.

He said, “for any of selenium or vitamin E sampuraka there any benefits, only risks. Rather, there is no risk of quality maltibhitamine. Single supplement unusually high levels of consumption, can be complex and harmful effects.