Two exercise to reduce abdominal fat

Exercise-290x134To keep fit the body or corporation abdominal fat is a major problem . A lot of time can be seen in other parts of the body does not have much fat, but abdominal fat is a waste of your fitness and you feel very bad looks. Meanwhile, do not like having to control provisions.
In fact, some of the food control as well as the need to exercise every day, which is beneficial for the abdominal fat secrete. Knowing nothing about the two exercises.

Bicycle Exercise

• Lie down on the floor first to wear.

• Keep both hands behind the head. Raise a little over two legs straight.

• Keep the left leg straight and bring the right leg down to the chest.

• The upper portion of the left side of your waist a little tilt.

• Similarly, the left leg, right leg straight down again, and so I think you’re sleeping on the bike.

• In this exercise three times a day for one minute try. This creates pressure on your abdominal muscles, which is effective to reduce the role of fat.

Boat riding exercise

• This exercise is like to run a boat.

• Sit on the floor.

• Raise the side of the legs straight.

• Keep hands, along with the knee straight.

• The upper part of the body from the waist up as straight as it creates a right angle with your feet.

• Then breathe out loud five times, and return to normal.

• Try this exercise five times a day.