The price of gold again increases after fall in international market

bbbee3695973245bc03beb17ff35b436-GOLDDue to the increase in the international market, the market price of gold has increased taka 1thousand and 516  per bhari  told by the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (bajusa). The new rates will be effective from Sunday.

Jewelers Association in a press release on Saturday said that the increase in the price of gold and silver. According to the new price, per tola (11.664 grams) good quality the money for 73 of the 43 two-carat gold, 1 carat and 18-carat price of 41 thousand to 34 thousand 525 rupees to 173 rupees. The traditional approach of 3 gold, 94 grams of money. 1 carat per tola (cadmium), a silver price of Rs 991.