Suarez again bite Messi

pc-6_159194Suarez often uses teeth while playing football . This, however, has to pay the high price of ransom. Luis Suarez’s biting habit has not gone. This Uruguay’s national soccer bites opponent in past , now he starts biting his team-mates. Suarez bites latest victimized Argentine football wizard Lionel Messi!

Spanish giants Barcelona club-mate Lionel Messi-Suarez. Field chemistry between them is constantly growing accumulation. Why Messi went Suarez bite? Nothing serious, just for a bit of joke Messi Suarez finger. European Footballer of the Year award on Thursday night announcement ceremony at the stock fell to Suarez.

Messi won the player of the year on that nighe. Suarez to win the time to stand behind the podium Messi poses biting the hand hold. Maceio muhartei hand moved. Get protection from the bites! But in the football world that silly smile yogurt khyatimanera enhanced in the face of the witnesses. Watch the video of the scene. The two footballers so renowned that good feeling cheerful. However, Suarez still bholenani Biting each other, knowing that many will not feel unsafe! The first bite Suarez 010 football fields. That is why the match was banned. 9 World Cup match against 014 players are forbidden to bite him in the crime. But Suarez has continued Biting each other!