Real lost point at the beginning

1440391640Real Madrid’s La Liga debut, Rafa Benitez was not happy. Cirapratidbandi win against Barcelona, Bilbao, where there is strong opposition athaletiko promoted from the Spanish second division spotim gijanera the goalless draw against Real Madrid.
Real Madrid dominated the whole match but did not have any fruit. 70 minutes to come up with a lackluster isakora Mate kobhacicake was brought on to replace Juventus. If you do not play any role as a determinant of the match showed glimpses of his talent in this player. Cristiano Ronaldo was trying desperately to come up with the win. 8 minutes of the match for his fatal attack nullified gijanera goalkeeper Cuellar Picchu.

Cuellar and protect the welfare of frozen gijanera segunda division, was promoted from getting a point against Real Madrid in La Liga was started great. Cirapratidbandi Barcelona win the points and started the season with Real Madrid lost in despair.