Pakistan again raised Kashmir issue to UN

untitled-7_156520.gifPakistan raised Kashmir issue at the UN again. The intervention of Muslim countries alliance OIC is expected by Pakistan . The recent tensions between India and Pakistan, both in terms of loss of life and called for maximum restraint practiced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. PTI reported.

The 15-member UN Security Council on Tuesday that Pakistan raising the Kashmir issue. Organization of regional and global security challenges, the Council during an open debate on the introduction of the Kashmir issue, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the Organization lodhi Maliha. Addressing the Security Council, OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) in the Maliha said, “Overall, in cooperation with the United Nations and other violence in Palestine and the Middle East and Jammu and Kashmir is its ability to locate the problem and deal with it.” The 57-member OIC to contribute to global peace and prosperity that refers Maliha said, ‘mediation, dispute resolution, peacekeeping, humanitarian sahayogita particularly refugees and displaced people, and to address the causes of conflict and extremism, actively cooperate with the OIC, the United Nations should be increased. ” Raising the Kashmir issue at different times in the past by the United Nations in Pakistan. The two parts of Kashmir controlled by India and Pakistan, and all of their claims to be.