Obama’s plan after termination of the presidentship

9b97ff11a6d4a1c5fc353769bebac478-1-1-US-POLITICS-ENERGY-OBAMA-202956Barack Obama will terminate his second presidentship soon. The White House said on Monday he will have joined Columbia University.President Barack Obama’s second term will expire in 2017. President Barack Obama on the campus of Columbia University in mind called to duty. After the call, the news spread through social contact, after leaving office, President Obama will join the university.

In terms of the Reuters news agency about the incident is asked to the White House. In response, the White House said in a statement, President Barack Obama paid tribute to the Columbia University. His interest in working with the university. He served as president of what he will do in the end, it’s still not right.President Obama is a graduate of Columbia University. The University of Obama’s campaign to return to the flock in the air.

The statement was made president of Columbia University, the University has made clear its position with a statement yesterday. Said Obama, as well as former students of the University of them have been invited to attend; However, it was not right.