New record of Indian film industry by ‘Bahubali’

5571abccc8d2cf1a273185fd4d39bc6e-bahuboli‘Bahubali’ film has released just four weeks. In the meantime, the new record is garei. India’s most expensive film after the release of the heated discussion started because of cost and space. The first day of the release of 50 billion rupees of revenue (Shah Rukh-Deepika’s ‘Happy New Year’ first day returns of about Rs 45 crore).
An average of 100 to 300 million revenue recorded in a short time without Anushka Shetty, Rana dagubati, and Prabhas Tamanna starrer film. The Guinness record as the poster image. The trend continued bahubali records.The Indian Express and Times of India reported today, according to the film’s revenues rose to Rs 500 crore till Sunday. Bollywood 500 million businesses around the world to address a picture that does not touch the image of the ‘bahubali.

Bahubali large scale war will be released in two series. “Bahubali: The biginim ‘was released in the first part this year on 10 July. The second part of the film will be released in 2016.