Migraine problem and its remedies

amitumi_lack-of-vitamins-300x150Migraine may increase a lot of extra work load a lot of migraine . When the nerves and the brain is more stress because it can be a lot of pressure on both. It is not just the heart migraine it may cause heart attack . Or any of the other without too much stress and pressure to share it with anyone, it should refrain from. Bath with hot water and lemon tea every day and eating habits. It helps a lot to reduce stress.


Insufficient sleep, or sleep for more than a migraine headache may be the reason. Many work at night and in the morning hours  sleep. It is never right. Because at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day in a healthy human being. During more than sleep or lying can be a pain. So those who have problems with migraine should never sleep in the afternoon.

What should do:

Of those with migraine pain should never be an empty stomach. Many people do not lose weight in the morning for breakfast. But it is never wise. Because the pain is likely to make breakfast. So eat breakfast every day, and drink plenty of water.
Coffee plays a lot of pain when the pain of a migraine can be greatly reduced. In some cases, pain can increase. Because of the extra day for those who are accustomed to the coffee drinking coffee after a decline in the amount of caffeine from the body. This can also be a pain of migraine. Therefore, refrain from taking extra tea and coffee.
Migraine pain is a leading cause of loud music could be. Long a lot of time sitting on the bus to the sound of car horns, loud music may be causing the pain of migraine. So, they have problems with migraine Avoid listening to loud music.