Mark Zuckerberg stands as the richest under 35 years in the world

mark-zuckerberg_156613Facebook co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Mark Zuckerberg has become under-35-year-old topped the list of the richest people in the world, . Wealth-X is citing a report by the Times of India said on Thursday a list.It has been said, four of the equivalent of $ 160 billion of assets at the world under-35-year-old Mark Zuckerberg Most wealthy individuals.

Top of the list with four 31-year-old Zuckerberg, co-founder Dustin Two more phesabukerai maskobhitja and Eduardo are syabherinao. The 31-year-old maskobhitja the equivalent of $ 930 billion of assets are at number two. The equivalent of $ 530 million, 33-year-old owner of the assets are in fourth place syabherina.

Third place in the list of China’s real estate company, Country Garden Holdings has a 34-year-old vice chairman Yang Hui, whose total assets amount to the equivalent of $ 590 million. He and the six women’s under-35-year-old wealthy people in the top 0 people have to take place.

From fifth to tenth place in the list respectively, Scott Duncan (assets worth 500 million dollars), Elizabeth A. Holmes (450 million dollars), Nathan blecarakajika (300 million dollars), Brian ceski (300 million dollars), Joe gebbiya (300 million dollars), and Thomas Person (70 million dollars).