Increase body’s immunity by six food


There are plenty of vitamin C in oranges. Miligramai vitamin C per 100 grams is 50. Figure sacetanadera guys, this result is not only fun to drink, is also very low in calories. Drink a glass of orange juice in the morning, when the lack of vitamin C can be filled. However, it is not just orange juice, the inner white part enough fiber, so you’ll benefit more than playing the whole orange.


Cabbage any health benefits. Just like most of patakapi or green kapisarirera increase immunity vitamins A, C and E have a copy, is not it. Contains polyphenols. However, the cooking time will be cooked whole cooked the half. It’s very important, because it maintains the full absorb nutrients. ” Consciously playing the seasons change throughout the year at all meal times with no problem. ” The food in the forest and brought the cheek.


Milk and milk have daiye the “lactic acid” bacteria, which keeps the stomach or bowel clean and increase the body’s immune system, Immune System, a more powerful. However, synthetically or sweet white yogurt yogurt or sour taste in the natural way, that is eating yogurt home page!


Garlic enhances disease resistance such as’ antioxidants’, ‘seleniumasaha several components. Eating garlic regularly with various problems in the stomach, ie viruses, bacteria or fungi protects. KwaZulu raw garlic daily for two or three plays a hot thetale or better. The garlic and cook for her to absorb nutrients decreases over time. Rasune contains fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron and protein.


Who want to drink tea? No problem, because tea is healthy and out of the heating body. Especially green tea, black and white tea. Contained in polyphenols, increases the body’s immune system. In addition, green tea ‘is an antioxidant, helps to prevent disease. If anyone can get a little cold tea mixed with honey on. If the ‘ayantibyakateriyala’ material.

Chicken soup

But if anyone out in the cold for a grandmother, nanidera recipe can simulate, in which American researchers have found. Cold chicken soup to drink, it will be sbasanalira pain go away, the idea of hot soup, steam khusakhuse reduce neck.