How to reduce your excess weight after marriage

4478-300x229-300x229-300x229After marriage, husband and wife both have seen increased weight which is the most embarrassing situations. But why suddenly wondered what became of your weight? After marriage, women have changed the old habits, the time and the amount of food. Adapt to a new environment, new families to keep everyone happy, to build himself a new habit. When all the irregularities that kind of weight, it is very difficult to clear. And this is the sort of day that you’re going to be weird.

So learn some simple ways to control weight after marriage. Not only girls, women and men are able to control their weight, both of these rules:

1. His dishes do not change too much. I do not very much difference between the two is eating meal crime. Remember aniyamei weight gain.

2. When you do not eat too much fast food on our honeymoon, try to eat nutritious foods. As pilau, biryani eating grilled chicken or fish can eat. And there must be a list of cooking Salad. And sweet foods such as cakes, pastries absolutely Avoid eating. Fruit salad and fruit juice can eat.

3. Rose took the doctor’s advice to eat vitamin B drugs. The new environment, new people, new responsibilities to provide the energy required for these B vitamins.

4. The lack of calcium in the body leads to the tendency to become obese. So, tea, coffee and cold drinks and eat less. And a glass of milk before going to bed at night to eat a meal, because the greatest source of calcium is milk.

5. The new family, but did not change their exercise rutinata. No matter how busy, no matter the day of the Exercise for at least half an hour. If the problem by yourself, shut the door to some free hand exercises.

6. Do not rely on birth control pills for women. Please choose another method. The side effects of the pill, your body looks is unnecessarily increasing the weight of the head.