How to get relief from gastric problem

acidity-290x212There are very few people without gastric problem. This problem is more than the bhajapora meal lasted. Many of these stomach pain or chest pain after eating food or bad digestion hayaathaca drugs to avoid problems before going to bed hungry at night, the following rules shall manalei.

1. Take half an inch of raw ginger. A little salt to taste, then remove the spices. Eat one cup of lukewarm water while eating ginger. Gastric at late night and will not be a problem.


2. Put a glass of water on the stove with a harite. In one of the day with turmeric water. Let the water boil for at least five minutes. Bring down then. Drink cold water haludasaha. Gastric run and flee.


3. If you think of all the hassle of the above method, only one glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of honey before going to bed to drink. Definitely not the stomach or chest pain