High Court makes rule prohibiting heavy schoolbag

high-court_154844High Court has issued a rule prohibiting carrying heavy Schoolbag more than 10 percent of children’s weight . More than 10 percent of children are overweight rule prohibited and pre-primary children carrying school bags to carry schoolbag to why the legislation should not be asked.

Justice Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Mohammad. Ashraful Kamal formed special Bench of the public hearing on a writ issued this rule. In the next two weeks, law secretary, education secretary, primary education department director general and chairman of the National Human Rights Commission has been asked to respond.

Children who carry heavy schoolbag media report that three lawyers filed the petition on 9 August oscillation SM Masud Hossain, Md. And Anwarul Karim Zia ul Haq. The court issued a writ with the court on Tuesday.

Masud Hossain told reporters after the hearing oscillation, Maharashtra government for more than 10 percent of children are overweight, carrying a heavy schoolbag was issued. Our government is so similar to the law, why was filed. The court hearing has issued