Google logo has changed again

google-logo_159412BBC, The verse, Google Blog multiple media reports said that the new logo has also a white scene as before with four color of the letters. However, the font changes. Alphabet logo as well as the new logo has been enhanced. Before Google, the lowercase ‘g’, but to change it, the uppercase “G” has been.

According to the report, last month, the company LUKE after adjustments for major changes, Google has changed the logo. Three weeks after the original institution Alphabet brought significant changes to the search giant Google. It is said, also in four colors can be seen on the Google logo Google microphone. That is, Google have access to the service, Google Voice, the microphone in the four colors in the photo match.

According to the report, the product of 17 years starting from constantly LUKE was always trying to bring a variety of Google. Google has many of the extent and scope of work. With the combination of these changes has been bringing. Google officials said, has been changed to give users improved search experience. Since 1999, is the biggest change to Google’s logo.

Incidentally, in 2013 on September Google changed the logo last time.