‘Gariwala’ has been awarded in Hollywood

indexHollywood and Las Vegas in the United States ‘International film utsaba sinerakama has won three of the competition section of the film’ Gariwala. The seven-day festival in the category of best film, director Ashraf dew ‘Platinum Award’ and in poetry as a child actor and Maruf phases’ Gold Award ‘and’ Emerald Award received.

The film received the award for the first time at Hollywood. The Gariwala submission holds the United States, Italy, India, Spain and Chile, to a total of 14 awards from international film festivals.Ashraf Shishir said, “This is not my own achievement, the people of Bangladesh. I want every man in the world to see the image. Then all will be well worth achieving. “Impress Telefilm produced ‘Gariwala the film has been shown the story of two brothers and their mother.