Fruit facial for fresh and shining skin

1425795758Foll_mtnews24-e1432118648904Out of extreme heat, the dust, the heat of the sun, the skin of black smoke and so many dirty and makes nisrae o. After returning home, wash your face as a result of the things that used to animate the appearance of whether there is perspective. Earlier this summer, especially if a party or wedding, look at the condition of the dead is not anything you want to participate in the ceremony. Among the daily life of the busiest in the parlor, and may not become a regular facial done. But that is not to sit at home. But if you are at home this summer with seasonal fruit facial skin can bring grace and freshness. So today we’ll discuss several methods of fruit facial.

In summer you can choose fruits that fits with your skin for fruit facial. However, there are some fruits such as watermelon, which can adapt to all types ofskin, strawberry, ripe papaya, bananas, cucumbers, etc. Fruit facial The most interesting thing is much less time than other facial and no side effects of any kind. So, first wash the face with any good quality face wash. The hair must be tied closely with a Clip. The toner or cotton soaked in rose water to clean the dirt face. The warm water in a large pot with a piece of lemon in it to chip. The head covered with a towel so that the water will take the steam out of the open mouth . Thus, 1 minute and 10 minutes out of steam a little break, rub the face with a light skaraba washed down with a fruit face pack to take it anywhere.

Water melons Mask:
Take it with a spoon to blend one cup of watermelon. Take half a spoon of honey mixed with the rupture again. Take it back and put your entire face. If the mixture is too thin on the cover with a clean, soft cloth. 0 minutes later, Tyler took the cloth to gently wash the face of lukewarm water.

Apple Mask
This is much better for the screen by complimenting all types of apple mask. Green apples cut in the first half. Now with 1 spoon of honey, 1 egg yolk and two drops of olive oil and blend until the mixture becomes phomi it. Now it’s all over except around the eyes and mouth, put a 0 to 5 minute wait. Arapara lukewarm water to remove the rub. The radiance of your face will return in just a few days.

Tomato mask
This mask is beneficial for oily skin. They have brown spots on the skin, particularly those that can use it. Cut a ripe tomato to blend well. Now, with the first face of the jelota to rub. After 10 minutes of waiting on for part of the blend Wash face with cold water. The dead skin cells and leave skin is much brighter.

Strawberry Mask
These results are more or less throughout the year. Eti eat tasty as well as the special role of heathcare. Two strawberry paste choose well. It’s full on for the 0 minute. Kumuma gently rub the face with warm water wash.

Banana mask

Take a ripe banana and paste well. 1 spoon of honey mixed with the soft tissue on the face with her on the cover. 0 after 15 minutes, with his hand gently pull the mask to dry out. Look yourself in the mirror and wash the face with cold water and feel the difference.

Mango mask:
Ripe mango is beneficial for those whose skin is a critical element for many sensitive. Take it at a ripe mango mash. Now, after 10 to 15 minutes Wash the face with lukewarm water.

Fruit facial should usually do 1 day in a week.