Foods which cause digest problem

isIf you have problems with your digestion strength, then the first thing to change your diet. Diets are a lot of problems in a variety of physical changes. The following foods in your daily diet is, it must change the poor. Because of the strength of the food for digestion problems.

Preserved foods

Kept refrigerated and cooked foods can increase the amount of fat and salt. It decreases the amount of fiber, which aids digestion power. It is seen praptabayase 2538 grams of fiber per day to eat. Therefore, the problem of power is preserved foods digest playing hot. So stay healthy foods need to leave the refrigerator.

Dairy Product

Dairy products are also plenty of fat. Which is the main cause digestion problems. But it is rich in calcium and vitamins, which are very beneficial for health. If there are any problems in digestion, and do not eat dairy products. Otherwise you can eat.

Salty foods

Helps reduce the amount of salt in the water body. The level of sodium in the body, causing serious damage. Which are digestive problems. A study published in the European Journal 003, dehydration as a result of the problem is caused by the power of digestion. So, salty foods will eliminate the practice.

Sweet food

If you like sweet foods, too, such as cakes, sweet, sweetmeat, etc. may be difficult to force your digestion. Because of high quality sweets carbohydrate, low amounts of fiber, and contains plenty of fat. All the power of digestion disturbed.

Red meat

The meat is a popular food to everyone. But it has plenty of fat. The problem is that the power of your body to digest. Fat, especially red meat that has reduced the amount of fiber in the body. It will increase your digestive problems and increase intestinal problems. According to Harvard Medical, red meat is usually thick and nerves, thereby to reduce the time it takes to digest.


Art of the world’s most nutrient-rich fruit. It has plenty of vitamins. But, unfortunately, it creates digestive problems. Raw banana is ripe bananas. Do not eat until the yellow banana peel. Because it creates problems in the power of digestion.