Food restriction for stomach problem

dsfdf1-300x166Those who have suffered from stomach gas problems, they can understand how important it is. Oliy food ,over eating,irregular meal cause this uncomfortable gas problem. But one can release from the problem, but it is not too difficult. Just keep an eye on his ate. Which ones should you need to know not to eat.

Which food should not eat.

1.Pulse and cereal foods

Lentils, peas, vetch, bean, soybean meal, gas, etc. of finding food. Therein plenty of protein, sugar and fiber, which does not want to be easier to digest. This creates problems of gas in the stomach.

2.Broccoli, patakapi, cabbage

These vegetables contain  ‘raphinoja called jigsaw until the sugar components which are not pharament stomach bacteria. And this is the problem of gas in the stomach increases.

3. Milk and milk products

Milk and milk products, it means that, if you see a stomach gas laktoj intalarent means your milk has digestive problems. Not digest in your stomach because they are responsible for the gas concern.

4. Apple and Guava

Apple and guava have sarabitol fiber and fructose and the sugar components which do not want to be easier to digest. Without having to stomach gas.

5. Salted snacks

Sodium salt panigrahi more. Water storage in the body of excess salt diet problems. The problem is, and do not want to be in the stomach to digest food.

Which food should eat


Cool cucumber belly diet more effective. It reduces phlebhanayed and incite anti inaphlemetari material of stomach gas.


Yogurt helps us increase the power of digestion. The rapid digestion, resulting in the disturbance of the gas in the stomach is removed.

3. Papaya

Papaya papaya enzyme called also enhances digestion. Papaya regular eating habits to reduce the problem, but the gas.

4. Banana and Orange

Banana and orange stomach helps remove excess sodium. The gas is released from the problem. Also, due to the collar syalubal fiber arts reserves the right to remove constipation.

5. Ginger

Ginger is the most effective anti-inaphlemetari element-rich foods. Flatulence and stomach gas, grated ginger and salt to eat raw, you will have to solve the problem of gas.