Fire at British Airways plane

28af78cb1261698d8143ea10706824a0-British-airwaysAn engine caught fire of a British Airways plane which was about to take of toward London from Las Vegas with 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board. 13 passengers were injured in the rush to get out a passenger plane from London fire occurred in the UK. 13 people were injured. The incident happened at the airport before flying. The BBC has reported.A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority, Boeing 777200 aircraft before takeoff, the left engine caught fire. Around the air was filled with smoke. After a short time, extinguished the fire, but the 13 passengers sustained minor injuries. 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board.Tuesday (08 September) at 4 pm local time (5 pm

Bangladesh time on Wednesday morning) The accident occurred at the airport in Las Vegas.Guardian journalist who witnessed the plane, Jacob Steinberg said in a tweet, “I was asleep when the aircraft departure. Suddenly a loud noise and the plane comes to a standstill. Smelled of smoke. The first is to sit still. The quick exit is called for. ”

Witnesses said the smoke came out of the cabin with a door opening. And it was declared to be unsafe.