Finally two Korea bring negotiation between them

indexReducing tensions between North and South Korea have been made negotiation. Tuesday morning as a result of negotiations between the two countries took the risk of a new war. According to promote reconciliation in the border area close to the microphone, the koriyabirodhi South Korea. The landmine explosion injured two soldiers in South Korea, North Korea apologized for that. Both sides have already been disclosed. Yesterday morning, after two days of continuous negotiations, the joint statement between the North and South Korean officials to increase understanding of the various issues to be discussed further later said. South Korea’s chief negotiator for the party at a press conference, National Security Adviser Kim Jin Cowan said, “for this meeting, North Korea apologized and mines inciting such incidents do not occur and that with his commitment to work to reduce the tension.”Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-south siyoka said, pointing out the loud speaker broadcasts off, and after the war in the north, from noon yesterday, the two sides will begin to return to normal conditions in the armed forces.Earlier, North Korea had been denied land mine incident. The joint statement, which claimed responsibility for the mine explosion.