Expert warned as the temperature of earth will increase more than expected level within 2100

indexEnvironmental experts warned on Wednesday, the country’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is insufficient. Thus, if global warming was 100 ‘unfortunate’ level will not be able to put down. Rather than the level of greenhouse gas emissions will occur. The situation will be disastrous. AFP.

The goal of the United Nations in the global average temperature increase of 100 ° C and hold down. But what is happening at the current carbon emissions, and this time it’s from 3 percent to 9 percent can be up to 1 degree Celsius. This fear Climate Action Tracker (CAT). A joint venture of four companies in the world in the study of global warming CAT.

CAT said in a statement yesterday, several countries submitted to the UN carbon emission targets, and global warming will be kept below two degrees Celsius.