Easy way to revive damaged and rough hair

index12While regular stream of various chemicals in our hair, our hair broke the use of styling products. Keratina protein in our hair. Many neglect and negligence on the part of the hair protein occurs when the break occurs in the hair. The easiest way to prevent this problem is to remove the hair protein deficiency.

Hair back to its natural beauty and brightness of the protein is to compare treatments. Let’s assume that in order to prevent broken hair sitting of 3 to abyarthya hair mask.

1. Egg hair mask and meyoniyera
Meyoniya knew until now eating things, but you’ll be surprised to hear, to prevent broken hair meyoniya does an excellent job. It provides nutrition to your hair, your hair soft and shiny with that of bhabao! The egg proteins strengthen hair.

Two eggs, half a cup meyoniya

Eat better to break the egg bowl. The meyoniya the precise mixing spoon to mix the two materials can be Nadu. Creamy mask the ends of the hair at the base of the well-fixing. Please note that to reach the hair mask. Coarse tooth comb through the hair to scratch, it would take a hair mask well. Take the hair processing cap. Towel soaked in hot water with the cap wrapped around the place one hour. Once again the cold towel soaked in hot water will.

Thoroughly wash the hair with shampoo. Remember, do not use hot water. Use this mask twice a month. It is highly effective in the prevention of broken hair.

2. Eggs and honey hair mask made
Eggs are a significant source of protein. Our hair is primarily made of protein, so the use of egg phalikalaguloke strengthens hair. Also, eggs and soft and beautiful hair, tangled out and helps prevent erosion.

An egg yolk, two tebilacamaca olive oil, honey one tebilacamaca

Mix all ingredients together and apply to hair. 30 minutes to remove the shampoo. Use this mask once a week. You can leave hair broken.

3. Yogurt-myrobalan hair mask (ie sitting in the hair protein tritamentah)
Daiye proteins protects the hair rough and dry, the new hair grows. Daiye have more zinc and lactic acid, which improves blood circulation on the scalp. And amalakite vitamin C and citric acid, which makes hair strong and lively.

3 tebilacamaca takadai, the icing tebilacamaca Amla Hair Pack, amount of water.

Mix all ingredients and put the hair roots of the hair and leave for 30 minutes. The icing herbal shampoo and conditioning rinse. Two days per week and apply to the hair.