Death number rises to 112 in Tianjin blast in China

china-blust_155742The two most powerful explosion death toll has reached 112.China’s Tianjin port, The officials said AFP on Sunday. It has been said so far 112 people have been killed in Wednesday’s blast. Seven hundred people were injured in the hospital.

Deputy Chief of the Propaganda Department of the City of Tianjin jiyanasem Gong told a news conference, on August 16 at 9am (local time), the blast toll has reached 112. ‘He said the bodies have been identified so far killed 4 people. 88 of the bodies have been identified.

Near the port of Tianjin on Wednesday night local time, two explosions took place in a warehouse. Many homes and structures were destroyed by the blast around.There are at least 1 person killed in the blast, officials said firefighters. Chinese authorities on this issue by the explosion blast all residents within three kilometers of the area evacuated.