Death body of a child found in suitcase at DMC area in capital

On Monday night f the dead body of a male child has recovered from a suitcase from Dhaka Medical College area.The body stains and burns on his chest and forehead. Five inches deep wound on his back. Other signs of injuries are also detected. The child is about nine years old.

Police said the,  Monday night at the Dhaka Medical College nursing outdoor near the suitcase was recovered from the side of the road. 4 inches to 30 inches in length and width of the black-colored suitcase. Fold the two legs of the body was covered with sheets. The child was wearing short pants and a pink vest ardhahata. Shyamala skin color. The blue suitcase was a separate trousers. Where the suitcase was, the Dhaka Medical relatively secluded and dark place.

Dhaka police sub-inspector (SI) on Bauman light of Islam, Dhaka Medical College, several students and some of the local roads to walk through the abandoned suitcase lying. He went to see some of the hair of people out there have locked suitcase. Everyone was horrified to see the baby’s body was later opened a small chain. After hearing the news, the police recovered the body.