Causes of odd abdominal fat

images8-300x199-300x165Just to see that ugly belly fat than the body is not high, disrupts our normal life. Various physical complications of heart disease and type two diabetes brings. Many people in the know. This is to minimize the amount of exercise to reduce the intake of so many others have tried to not get any of the benefits. The reason may be wrong or incorrect diet, physical exercise is like. As this article will be subject to 11, which has been sabotaging your weight or trying to lose abdominal fat.

1. Age: As we get older is that the changes in the body. Many weight increases. In the case of a man or a woman, both can cause weight gain. For middle-aged women, menopause is a chance of stomach excess fat. However, the good news is that, with the help of a doctor to overcome this problem.

2. Wrong exercise: Many large part of any exercise program practiced. But if you just exercise for the heart, it does not contribute to reduce abdominal fat. For this exercise to be exact. Abdominal fat loss per week for at least 50 minutes or 125 minutes of moderate exercise a high level of exercise can be specified.

3. Eat more processed foods: processed foods such as additional kryakarsa, chips, refined sugar, soft drinks, sweet snacks, etc. to increase abdominal fat. Instead, the natural sources of foods such as fruits, vegetables and other food anti-aksidentasamrddha your abdominal fat will protect it from freezing.

4. Fat mistake: human behavior is not the same for all types of fat. In this study, high melt fat (meat and dairy products, fat), abdominal fat may increase adoption. Some plants, fish, sunflower oil and olive oil have a adrabibhuta fat is not harmful, but if you take the role of abdominal fat puts it. However, any excess food experts have warned that it could be accepted.

5.Not take enough physical exercise: many little physical exercise to lose abdominal fat. Many people do not get the benefit. This may be because of insufficient practice. Through physical exercise to lose abdominal fat enough to work. Otherwise might not be any change.

6. Incorrect practice: Many of the signs look a little practice for the reduction of abdominal fat was removed. If fully successful exercise before you leave and then the practice will not be able to bear fruit. The work is not just the abdominal exercises. In this case, the whole body may be the right way for a balanced practice.

7. Stress: If your workspace, education, child, etc. if you have the extra pressure that may contribute to the increase in abdominal fat. In the case before applying the other way and try to minimize stress.

8. Lack of sleep: If you do not sleep enough, it may increase body weight. One of the forms which may be an increase in abdominal fat. From person to person for every night at seven to 9 hours of sleep is needed.

9.Structure of body: Your body with many members, especially in the middle part of the stomach, Thai, thick thighs, etc. are structural reasons. It may be due to genetic. Such individual cases to reduce abdominal fat is difficult, but not impossible. For this to work extra.

10. Illness:Many of the body, depending on the testosteran volume. The hormones may increase the weight of the body is high. In the case of a doctor’s advice to try to lose weight.