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Artificial color is used to produce orange powder

Orange powder is made with flour, salt, and artificial sweetener and artificial color . As well as being marketed without BSTI approval. Drsyai mobile court on Tuesday to see the names of Food Products plant in Uttar Khan Puranapara the schedule. The magistrate ordered two years in jail and a ...

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The price of gold again increases after fall in international market

Due to the increase in the international market, the market price of gold has increased taka 1thousand and 516  per bhari  told by the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (bajusa). The new rates will be effective from Sunday. Jewelers Association in a press release on Saturday said that the increase in the ...

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Easy way to revive damaged and rough hair

While regular stream of various chemicals in our hair, our hair broke the use of styling products. Keratina protein in our hair. Many neglect and negligence on the part of the hair protein occurs when the break occurs in the hair. The easiest way to prevent this problem is to ...

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