Artificial color is used to produce orange powder

untitled-1_157743Orange powder is made with flour, salt, and artificial sweetener and artificial color . As well as being marketed without BSTI approval. Drsyai mobile court on Tuesday to see the names of Food Products plant in Uttar Khan Puranapara the schedule. The magistrate ordered two years in jail and a fine of two million taka to the owner of the factory.

RAB-1 officials, on the basis of intelligence information Schedule Food Products factory was raided on Tuesday afternoon. At the time, there is a huge amount of BSTI approval of oranges and mango powder, ready for the paudarasaha sales of other products are available in stock. These products adulterated and degrading material were seized. Jamal Miah said the factory was jailed Firoz Ahmed, executive magistrate. RAB-1 officials superintendent Mohammad Fadhel Elahi, who led the expedition.