Appeal against Salman’s bail has been rejected by the Indian Supreme Court

pc-2_158984An appeal against bail of Bollywood’s ‘Vaijan’ Salman Khan rejected by India’s Supreme Court . Chief Justice H. Monday. El. The application was dismissed by the Supreme Court bench headed by Dattura. A member of the Mumbai police applied for against bail on behalf of the victims of the incident on day his sentence for the murder of the man with the rule  . Salman’s Mumbai High Court granted bail petition was challenged. The High Court garicapa away with killing people in the conviction and sentence of Salman Khan was granted bail the same day. In September run over 00 people killed in the incident have his sentence was announced on May 6. Kill people, drunk and was sentenced to 5 years in her car calanosaha multiple offenses. Garicapara the incident one person was killed and four wounded were sleeping on the sidewalk. Source: NDTV, Indian Express