Again a child killed brutally killed in Khulna

rrrr_153337After killing Rajan in Sylhet, another 13-year-old (Rakib) child was killed after inhuman torture. police said. Monday afternoon, a motor garage in the city Tutpara grave abuses occurred at intersections. Nurul Alam, son of a truck driver, a resident of the city later underwent Tutpara Central Road.

Demanding justice for this brutal murder the local people protested onTuesday morning .Police later underwent a few days ago, crossing the cemetery Tutpara Sharif motarase ‘worked. But the owner of torture and repression in the garage, another garage in the city, crossing the PTI. Monday afternoon, he took part in the aisles Mian Sharif Motors owner. Bicycle and motorcycle tires in the air is the air compressor machine Rakib rectum. He fell seriously ill, he was taken to Khulna Medical College Hospital. Rakib died there around 10pm.

Khulna Sadar Police Station Officer in Charge (OC), Sukumar Biswas said. He Rakib Motors after the death of the owner of the aisles Mian Sharif, Sharif and Sharif employee Beauty Begum, the mother mass beating offended the locals. Then the police arrested them.

After this incident Rakib’s father Nurul Alam Rakib filed a case police officer said. Meanwhile, the Khulna Metropolitan Police Commissioner Chandra Majhi visited the home and Rakib go home.