A child has died in drowning in accumulated rain water

002_156768A child named Mim Akter(7) drowned at Kathal Bari in the capital in accumulated rain water and consequently died on Monday . The incident occurred on Friday morning, the box culvert on the road.

Anwar Hossainuncle of the child said, Mim goes to the front of the house at 7am. At one stage she was missing. After much searching on the road they found him in the gutter stagnant rainwater. From there, the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) after doctors declared dead Mim.Assistant Camp DMCH charge (ASI), precious Chandra Das said, the child was initially thought to have drowned. However, the actual cause of death will be known after an autopsy.

Mim’s father name is Ismail Hassain. They are from Bhandariyaya Pirojpur . Box Culvert Road with the child’s parents lived in a rented house.