4 thousand migrants have reached to Austria

child-bus_160099The stranded migrants in Hungary at capital Budapest reach on the border of Austria by bus . Hungary-Austria border early Saturday, the first bus with immigrants have reached.

According to the BBC, Austria and Germany had agreed to shelter migrants in Hungary on Saturday after the bus reached the border between Austria immigrants.Police in Austria, on Saturday afternoon, about four thousand immigrants have entered Austria, many of whom have left for Germany again.

Meanwhile, another group of migrants stranded in Budapest has started walking to the border with Austria, the BBC reports.Austria and Germany provide shelter for migrants, immigrants from midnight Friday after announcing the border of Austria and Hungary to reach the bus service. Hungary-Austria border migrants reached the first bus in the morning on Saturday. Earlier on Friday, a government spokesman announced that Austria, Austria is ready to accept immigrants. After entering the residence of immigrants to Austria as a refugee can not apply for or be able to leave Germany.The announcement came after the government announced that Austria gives the refugees in Austria to Hungary by bus to the border.

Meanwhile,the UN refugee agency asked countries of the European Union to accomodate shelter to the war-torn Syria, Iran and Afghanistan refugees the . But it is not willing to force the refugees in Central European countries. These countries include Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. While Germany and France and the European Commission are in favor of the resolution.