3 suspected people arrested for killing blogger Avijit and Anonto

untitled-1_156193RAB arrested 3 members for killing blogger Abhijit Roy the founder and author of the blog rational science and Sylhet Mancha organizer of eternal victory over the murder of a slave arthadatasaha anasarulla Bengali team,. RAB’s legal and media wing director commander Mufti Mahmud Samakal ascertained the news.

The blogger Abhijit Roy and eternal source of the money and the mastermind of the murder of a servant of victory Amazon, anasarulla Bengali team of activists have been arrested Sadiq Ali and Amir Mallik. FIG city’s Dhanmondi area on Monday night and was arrested. In this regard, the press conference will be posted at night mangalakara commander Mufti Mahmud said.

Abhijit Roy was murdered on his way back from the writer-blogger of the book fair last on February 26 TSC of Dhaka University area, . And the city of Sylhet on May 1 subidabajara the way from home to workplace, public servants killed bloggers eternal victory.