24 people died in a train accident in India

train 333_97953Harda of Madhya Pradesh in India two train were crash within a few moments. At least 24 people were killed. Was crossing a small bridge when the accident occurred. Hindu

Khudabha 160 km from Bhopal Railway Station after the accident took place on Tuesday at 11 at night. Baranasigami Kamayani Express from Mumbai, while crossing the bridge over the River macaka six coaches are out of line. Within a few minutes of Mumbai Janata Express coming from the opposite side of the engine and four carriages derailed.

At least 24 people were died and 40 others injured in a train around 4 have been recovered NDTV reported. More than 300 passengers were evacuated from the train two rescuers. The continuous rain in the next few days will be clogged, the accident occurred on a bridge line to the Indian Railways spokesman Anil Saxena.

India’s railway minister Suresh tweet Lord said, “The investigation committee has been instructed to do. The victims will be compensated. Heavy rain occurred in the line sinking. Parliament will be informed of the details. “