19 people killed in a bomb blast in Thailand and is considered the largest bomb blast of the country

isA powerful bomb exploded in front of a Hindu temple in the Thai capital Bangkok, at least 19 people were killed. In evening of local time on Monday in the heart of Bangkok Rraoyana acapracam road in front of the house, at least 120 people were injured in the blast. Most of the injured people are foreign tourists .

The Thai government, for the destruction of the country’s economy and tourism industry has been on the attack. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the explosion. AFP and Reuters.A five-star hotel is located near a favorite destination for tourists iraoyana temple. There were plenty of tourists during the explosion. Visitors began to run in panic after the explosion digbidika. The man was found scattered body parts scattered. The street in front of the temple was burned down several motorcycles. According to police, the bomb was kept to a motorcycle.

This blast is considered the largest bomb blast of Thailand in the history of the country.