14 wrath marks found on Niladri’s body

index14 wrath marks found on the killed Blogger body of Niladri Chatterjee. Dhaka Medical College Hospital for autopsy corpses, said in the initial report.

In this regard, the head of the forensic department habibujjamana Chowdhury said that the killing of all the same. Niladrike kupiyeche more than one guy with a sharp weapon. The victim’s body 14 are injured wrath.Friday afternoon was killed niladrike into rented house. Police suspected extremists for the killings. Yesterday evening, an e-mail message, Ansar al-Islam, an organization that has claimed responsibility for the killing. Four of the seven months of this year, writer and blogger, was killed. The blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was killed in 013.Blogger was concerned about his safety. He said the work and friends. Even the police did not. Was transferred out of Dhaka. Was trying to get away. But he was finally murdered.
Niladri Chatterjee (27), was an active member of the Mancha. Philosophy graduate from the university and a research institute, was the last. He ventricle blue “of the group, wrote in the blog. Facebook the same name. She said with a house, a two-room apartment in asamanike East goranera he lived. Yesterday afternoon at a quarter past one in four men entered the house and stabbed niladrike. According to police, his head and neck injuries are quite a few sharp weapons.