100 refugee from Syria rescued from sea in Cyprus

cyprus-rescue_160377A fishing boat floating in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe from Syria to Cyprus authorities have rescued hundreds of
migrants.Saturday night Sunday morning after being swept away by the sea 40 nautical miles off the southern coast of Larnaca is to rescue them from the boat.
Cyprus, the center of the joint collaboration of migrant rescue official told AFP, the 54 migrants rescued 114 women and children. All of them are Syrian citizens. The boat migrants to the coast of Syria, gathered across the Mediterranean coast of Tripoli. However, the Cyprus Mail reported, immigrants rescued 60 men, 19 women, 30 children and has five newborn baby. In the meantime, Syria, Palestine and Lebanese nationals. Cyprus Police rescued everyone is healthy. However, it is not clear what they were going to Cyprus or any other country. Cyprus, the distance from the Syrian Mediterranean coast, just a hundred kilometers. However, neighboring countries such as Greece, the country has to bear the brunt of immigrants. Source: AFP